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Carbon Offsetting

Travel sustainably with Vulkan Travel!

Travel sustainably with Vulkan Travel. Travelling enriches our lives, it helps us see the bigger picture and it gives us new perspectives that result in a more tolerant and inclusive world. However travelling also has negative effects on the climate. That is why we have made is possible for our customers to offset all flights through the GreenSeat initiative. The same amount of CO2 and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by your trip will be prevented from being released elsewhere in the world when you choose to carbon offset.


How do we calculate our carbon offsetting?


We use the GreenSeat zone model to calculate the cost of offsetting each flight you take with us. The zone model is based on average CO2 emissions for a return flight to a specific destination within a specific geographic area.

However CO2 is not the only harmful gas emitted into the atmosphere when you fly. That is why we have also chosen to offset the greenhouse gases emitted by your flight, which qualifies us as Zone One – Climate Neutral. This means the flights you take with us are not just CO2 neutral but completely climate neutral.

The table below shows how much CO2 is actually emitted by a flight to Iceland from various different airports. The right-hand column shows how much offsetting is needed in order to qualify as climate neutral. We follow the criteria for Zone One – Climate Neutral, which means we offset for an amount of 0.95 tonnes.



CO2 emissions based on exact distance

Total offsetting including greenhouse gases

Return flight from Arlanda – Keflavík

0.42 tonnes

0.80 tonnes

Return flight from Oslo – Keflavík

0.35 tonnes

0.66 tonnes

Return flight from Copenhagen – Keflavík

0.42 tonnes

0.80 tonnes

Return flight from London – Keflavík

0.38 tonnes

0.71 tonnes


Where does the money go?

The amount you pay for carbon offsetting goes to GreenSeat which invests the money in sustainable projects in Africa and India. These projects ensure that the same amount of CO2  emitted into the atmosphere from your flight is prevented from being emitted elsewhere by giving households access to sustainable energy, which in turn also helps support the local population.


How can I be sure my money will be put to good use?

GreenSeat is certified by the independent organisations VCS and Gold Standard. This means the company has to verify each year that its projects fulfil certain criteria. Here at Vulkan Travel, our auditors ensure each year that we have paid carbon offsetting for all our travellers.