Guided electric mountain bike holiday, Sweden & Norway
Guided electric mountain bike holiday, Sweden & Norway
North of Sweden.
Guided electric mountain bike holiday, Sweden & Norway

Guided electric mountain bike holiday

7 Nights from $2,500

7 Nights
from $2,500

Experience an unforgettable electric mountain bike tour (eMTB) through the wilderness in northern Sweden and Norway with a professional guide and assisted vehicle. Beat climbs you never thought possible and access the best terrain imaginable. With your electric mountain bike, you´ll have the energy to enjoy the amazing scenery and thrilling descents. Rental of quality full-suspension electric assist mountain bike included. After an adventurous day out in the wilderness, you'll enjoy a delicious dinner at local restaurants before a good night's sleep in a typical hiking cabin or hotels. 

Avgångar 2023: 11 August 2022; 18 August 2022

Group size: Min: 8 persons; Max 15 persons
Mountain biking grade: 3- 4: Moderate/ Challenging

Package includes

package includes:

Fully escorted 7 day tour with English speaking guide.
Bike Rental: Full Suspension E-MTB.
Support vehicle and luggage transfers.
7 nights accommodation in mountain hut or lodge and hotels incl. breakfast (see itinerary below).
Small group guarantee.
Transfer to the airport on departure.
Personal service from our knowledgeable consultants.
Travel protection equivalent to ATOL, through Kammarkollegiet, the Swedish statutory travel protection.

add ons:

International flights.
Accommodation before and after the tour.
Optional activities.
Cancellation insurance if illness occurs.


Make sure you have home/accident insurance that applies in case of an accident.
Vulkan Travel reserves the right to alter or postpone the tour for the safety and/or comfort of travelers, due to local circumstances, such as weather conditions or events outside of our control.
In such circumstances the additional cost of any necessary itinerary alterations will be covered by you.

Price information:

Prices are per person, based on two people sharing a double room. We always give you the best available price for flights, hotels and excursions.

package highlights:

Ever changing scenery May include rocky features and switchbacks 20-60 kms per day of amazing riding Sleep in charming cabins A taste of Sweden´s and Norway´s raw nature away from any crowds Tasty culinary exploration

Day description

Day Day 1

Arrival - Nikkaluokta – Kebnekaise mountain station (20 km)

Remindeer in Sweden.

First day is an easy day where we bike to Kebnekaise mountain station. Here we are at the foot of the highest mountain of Sweden.

This day is an easy mtb trail with gorgeous mountain views. Rest of the day free to explore the area on foot or by bike.

Distance cycled: 20 km
Accommodation: Kebnekaise mountain station
Meals included: Dinner

Day Day 2

Kebnekaise – Alesjaure (60 km)

Mtb adventure in Sweden and Norway

This part of the Kungsleden trail stretches from Kebnekaises high alpine massive in the south to Abisko's lush national park in the north. Bike through some of Sweden's largest mountain valleys with mighty high mountains and glaciers around you. Today’s trip is about 60 km in varied breathtaking terrain. The path is mostly alpine and rocky. Expect lead the bike some of the way. We will have a nice meal and sauna when we arrive in Alesjaure after a long day.

Distance cycled: 60 km
Accommodation: Alesjaure
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 3

Alesjaure - Abisko (35 km)

Mtb adventure in Sweden and Norway

Located 195 kilometres inside the Arctic Circle, Abisko National Park has a varied landscape that changes throughout the seasons. This is one of the most popular national parks of Sweden. The park is a part of the majestic forested valley surrounded on three sides by the Abisko Alps and the vast lake Torneträsk in the north. The National Park also stretches further south into the mountains where it encompasses the lake Abiskojaure, connected to Torneträsk by the Abiskojokka river. Abisko national park is renowned for the possibility to see the northern lights. There is a small chance to see them in mid-august.

The trip between Abiskojaure and Abisko tourist station follows a great trail for anyone with a bit of experience of trail cycling. Varied trails with sand, hardpacked dirt, and wooden planks over the marshes.
Again we will have some free time at the end of the day to explore the area. Dinner and sauna in the afternoon.

Distance cycled: 35 km
Accommodation: Abisko tourist station
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 4

Abisko – Låktatjåkko - Riksgränsen (60 km)

Mtb adventure in Sweden and Norway

We bike the Navvy road, about 45 km construction road to the mountain ski resort on the border of Sweden and Norway. On the way we bike up to the highest mountain station in Sweden at 1285 m. The road is steep and long, the climb about 800 meters. In the mountain station we can have waffles. Still, try to look up from the road in front of you. The surroundings are beautiful. You see real mountains up close. They are soft in the contours, but still impressive. On the slopes further down, the mountain moors spread out. The road down offers wonderful views of Torneträsk and the Norwegian mountains on the "other side".

Distance cycled: 60 km 
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 5

Riksgränsen - Rombaksbotn – Silvikskaret - Narvik (40 km)

Mtb adventure in Sweden and Norway

We continue on the navvy construction road down to Rombaksbotn in Norway. We start our trip from Bjørnfjell station, and manoeuvre our way towards Rombaksbotn along meandering trails created at the end of the 1800s. Originally intended for horse and carriage, the trails are easy to cycle. However we have to beware of steep drops alongside the trails in some places. From Rombaksbotn we bike over the silvikskaret and lake silviksvannet to Beisfjord. Overnight at Hotel Narvik.

Distance cycled: 40 km 
Accommodation: Hotel Narvik
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 6


Rune Dahl / / Rune Dahl / /

There are approximately 22,000 inhabitants in the town of Narvik. Narvik is situated 68 degrees north, 220 km within the arctic circle – and one of the most northerly towns in the world. Narvik is surrounded by a beautiful fjordlandscape and the Narvik mountain that offers excellent downhill biking and skiing, with a vertical drop of over 900 meters.

Today we have a few options depending on the weather. In dry conditions we will bike the legendary Reinesfjellet. There are three options today.

The slab nirvana Reinesfjellet

This is as much of a natural experience as a cycling trip. Definitely visit if you want to experience something out of the ordinary. We create our own trip, from granite slabs to dirt trails. The views of the Skjomen fjord are stunning. The descent is a treat. You will need how to handle steep descents. Difficulty level: 4/5 – demanding. We will only attempt this trip under dry contitions. Length: Ca. 20 kilometer. Total elevation: Ca. 680 meters.

Verdenssvaet in Efjord
Fantastic cycling among dramatic mountains.

Verdenssvaet in Efjord is a smaller edition of Reinnesfjellet in Skjomen. The hill is a continuous slab of granite with views that will take your breath away. We can reach the top in half an hour. The substrate is comparable to coarse sandpaper, giving you plenty of traction. Avoid the darker patches, as these may be wet and slippery. At the top there is ample space for play. We can treat ourselfes to a dip in the water pool nearby. Again this trip should only be attempted when in dry conditions.

The local mountain. The facilities of Narvikfjellet offer downhill cycling for different levels, from beginners to World Cup-grading.

Distance cycled: varied 
Accommodation: Hotel Narvik
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 7


Rune Dahl/ Rune Dahl/

Another magnificent day biking in the fjordlandscape.

Distance cycled: varied 
Accommodation: Hotel Narvik
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day Day 8

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